Our Long-Term Dedication
Leads to Water Service

Early on, TRSUD saw the need for a sustainable water source coexisting alongside the preservation of wildlife and natural beauty of our area.

We teamed up with the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District (NETMWD), Ore City, and the Diana Special Utility District to conduct a comprehensive 10-year study. The study concluded the need for approximately 33 miles of supply line from Lake O' Pines, and the need for building an infrastructure to distribute this water supply to county residents. TRSUD dedicated itself to this goal and invested four million dollars toward the building of a well-constructed water delivery infrastructure.

Thanks to our efforts and the commitment of the team below, today we offer high-quality water service and sanitary sewer service to approximately 2050 customers.

Board of Directors:

Don Hennigan—President
John Jenkins—Vice President
Steve Baker—Secretary/Treasurer
Todd Kelsey
Robert Maly
Justin Seal

Honey, the office cat

Honey, the office cat

District Staff:

Glenn Hobbs, General Manager
Jennifer Gilbert, Office Clerk
Will Hobbs, Principal Operator
Richard Powell, Operator
James Shumaker, Operation Trainee

Our Office:

Tryon Road Special Utility District Office Hours:


Our Mission:

To provide potable water service and sanitary sewer service to customers of the District in accordance with Federal and State law and the policies and rules of the District.

Election Information:

Date of Next Officer Election:May 7, 2020.
Location of Next Officer Election: Tryon Road SUD Officer

A Candidate for the Officer position must reside in Tryon Road SUD's CCN.